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What is SafeConsole ?

SafeConsole is a web based management solution for managing, auditing, pushing files to, resetting passwords, and applying custom policies to all of an Enterprise's SafeSticks wherever they are used around the world. SafeConsole makes SafeStick really come alive.

safe console management of usb SafeConsole v3.3 - New features include:

  • File Blocker - blocking / filtering of stored file types and anti-malware protection.
  • Automatic lockdown / disabling of a stick if SafeStick doesnt "phone home" after x days.
  • Customisable owner / user / "return on find" information can be specified.
  • Publisher - automatically syncronise / push files to SafeSticks
  • Short password reset codes
  • Mac OSX native driver support.
  • ...and more

SafeConsole also enables you you to;

  • Design, assign and enforce different, custom password policies enforced depending on AD membership.
  • Remotely reset forgotten passwords via challenge / response.
  • Auditing & Reporting.
  • Employee lost a stick? No problem, use SafeConsole to disable the stick so no one else can use it. Perhaps apply a custom message to be displayed if the finder inserts it and tries to use it - perhaps advising the finder where to return it for a reward.
  • Permanently wipe / erase a stick remotely if it is lost or stolen (works on next detection)
  • Configure Timer / Stick Lockout settings.
  • All files copied to or from SafeStick can be audited / logged via SafeConsole.
  • Push data, documents, datasheets, PDF's - whatever you want to a SafeStick automatically.
  • Configure quick links which can be selected when the stick is inserted (such as providing links to a corporate Outlook Web Access URL or Extranet).
  • Create "zones" for trusted sticks - if a trusted user, uses a trusted stick on a trusted PC, then no password is required. Take the stick outside this trusted zone and a password will be required.


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