Ever lost a USB memory stick? 

Lose a memory stick and confidential data is exposed to the world.

Unless the data was encrypted anyone can view or publish your confidential info...
Even if the data had been "deleted" from the stick - or so you think - you are still at risk.

What if that USB stick contained sensitive personal information, corporate secrets, blueprints, documents - or even perhaps passwords and bank account numbers?  

Available up to 64GB (128GB soon), SafeStick provides 100% hardware encryption of all data. Simply plug it in to any PC and choose a password to start working.  NO SOFTWARE is required. SafeStick also features Enterprise management, full AD integration, password recovery, remote disable / wipe and more. 

SafeStick have been chosen by the UK National Health Service (NHS) to protect portable data for more than 100,000 employees.
All data stored on a SafeStick is fully and totally encrypted to military grade AES 256 bit Government encryption standards, via an on-board, non-bypassable Intel 8051 Processor.
Using SafeConsole management application, SafeStick can be integrated directly into Windows Active Directory for setting  different security policies based on a users AD group membership!
SafeConsole allows you to perform remote password recovery via challenge/response, perform auditing, configure pre-defined applications to run when the stick is inserted (such as accessing an Outlook Web Access URL) and much much more!
Employee lost a stick?  No problem, use SafeConsoleto disable the stick so no one else can use it. Perhaps set a custom message advising the finder where to return it.
vista encryption Employee left the company?  Not a problem, disable their Account in AD and SafeConsole will automatically disable all of their SafeSticks.
vista encryption Unique file blocker / anti-malware protection.  Filter content which can be stored on SafeStick by type.  For example allow PDF's but deny EXE's or MP3.
Available in 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and a massive 64GB!  128GB is coming soon.

SafeStick is a very, very small form factor - so you can plug other devices into other close by USB ports

safe stick mac osx support Native support for MacOSX is now available.  See the KB.
SafeStick has FIPS 197 AES128 encryption certification. See #825 on the FIPS website. 
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification Simply "Plug-and-Work". Plug in a SafeStick and choose / enter your password.  Data is now 100% encrypted.
Zero chance of forgetting to encrypt data copied to or from the stick. In the event of loss or theft data is 100% secure. See a list of company's who wish they had encrypted their data.
Very tough, very durable, waterproof, heat resistant, crush proof.  We have washed them, rolled over them them with a car, heated them with a blow torch, hit them with sledgehammers, and covered them in grinder sparks!  Watch the Destruction Videos.
US law now says that that if traveling to the USA, Customs can search your laptop or ANY electronic device.  Don't let them get your data!
So why would you want a SafeStick over cheaper SOFTWARE encrypted devices such as Kingston and Sandisk?  Simple.  Security.  Read our whitepaper on the Weaknesses of software only security.  Also the McAfee MXI stick has been cracked.
Unique, customisable "Brute Force" attack protection.  Enter the wrong password too many times (customisable of course!) and you will be advised that one more wrong attempt will lock the stick and/or completely wipe the data.
If you lose your password the Safestick can be "reset" so that it can be reused.  However all data is permanently and securely wiped.
All files copied to or from SafeStick can be audited / logged via SafeConsole - including user, computer and IP address.
A unique, user configurable time-out / lockout policy is available.  Forget your stick in a PC? It will automatically lock after a customisable period of time.
Seamless Microsoft Windows Active Directory integration. 
Fully compatible Windows Vista, XP, 2000,  and through VMware Linux, MacOSX.  Native Mac OSX support is available.
Produced in Ethical conditions, using the very highest quality, rugged components. 
For over 200 units, SafeSticks can be engraved with your company logo, phone number or message.  Contact us for details.
Eco friendly and meets international standards for recycling.



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